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Water Blossom are proudly made in Virginia!

Find 1000's of uncommon items great for the home, giving as gifts and more!

​Try the all new Water Blossom® 

  • Gets water directly to root zone
  • Helps plants get better established 
  • Roots grow deeper and wider for happier plants
  • Lovely decor for potted plants & gardens 
  • Makes watering easier & efficient
  • Great garden gifts
  • Wholesale garden decor pricing available for retailers

​​​Every new plant deserves a great start with the Water Blossom Root Watering system 

Flowers by

Get a jump on Spring blooms by adding Water Blossom to garden or container plants

Free shipping for all orders over $25.00 

Garden Decor Gifts

Indoor/Outdoor garden decorations

Root Watering tool for gardens or containers

​by Water Blossom Creations

A Beautiful Way to get Water to Your Plant's Roots

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Keep leaves dry while reaching the roots, for healthier plants. 

Lovely in outdoor containers. 

Watering houseplants is easier. 

​​​Available in two flower styles, multiple colors & three stem heights: 15-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch