Choosing your stem height

  • For plants less than 12 inches in height, the 15 inch stem is recommended. Great for houseplants. 
  • For larger containers or houseplants, new shrubs, or plants under 20 inches, the 24 inch stem works well. 
  • For plants that need staking, or plants taller than 20 inches, you may prefer the 36 inch stem. 

Available in 3 sizes:

15 inch

24 inch

36 inch

flower garden stake and watering tool

Placement in Your Garden: 

  1. Review and follow full instructions below. Insert Water Blossom® into the soil at or near the drip line of the plant that you wish to support. The drip line is the area located under the outer circumference of a plant canopy. This is also an area where tiny rootlets are located. 
  2. Insert the stem deep enough that all the holes at the base are below the soil surface. 
  3. As water is supplied by rainfall or sprinkler, it will be caught by the basin and channeled to soil around and below the roots. The roots will grow toward the moisture, creating a wider and deeper root system.
  4. To provide a deeper application of water, you may pour water directly into the Water Blossom basin with a watering can or hose. 
  5. Plant food can be added to the water if you wish to fertilize, following the manufacturer's instructions, of course. 

With proper use, you will not have to water as often, thus saving time, water and money.  Water will seep up to 15 inches below the plant, depending on the make-up of your soil. 


Water Blossom® makes a great addition to gift shops and garden supply retail centers.  Retailers may contact us for wholesale garden product pricing at or visit our CONTACT page above. To reach by telephone, call Pam at 804-980-0116 or Brian at 804-937-8417. 


Water Blossom® is a decorative root watering and feeding product.  It is designed specifically to provide you with an attractive accent to your yard and garden, and it enables the distribution of water and/or liquid nutrients below the surface of the soil to enhance root growth.  Water Blossom is not to be used in any other manner or for any other purpose.  The consumer assumes any and all risk of injury or death if he or she fails to follow the Instructions below or uses Water Blossom for any other purpose.  

Providing the necessary water for your plants is only part of a healthy environment that they need to flourish. The health of a plant is affected by temperature, air movement, light, soil conditions, room to grow, and a myriad of nutrients.  Soil conditions vary from region to region. We recommend that you consult your local garden center or extension service for assistance in preparing and maintaining the best environment for your plants.  

Failure to follow all warnings, care, and instructions (below) can lead to serious injury or death.  Water Blossom Creations, LLC is not responsible for any injury or death as a result of one of our products being handled improperly.  



Water Blossom® can be used in your yard, garden, patio containers or indoor potted plants. 

WARNINGTo avoid serious injury or death consult Miss Utility or your local utility service provider prior to installing this product. You must avoid electric, gas, and other underground utilities while installing this product. See also CAUTION below. 

Not intended for use in untilled, hard-packed soil.  Avoid rocks, tree roots, and other impenetrable objects to avoid damaging the pole.

Do not press down on or hold the decorative basin when installing your Water Blossom as it may damage the basin and/or injure the user. 

Parts Included with full sets:  (1) Flower basin, (1) stem with (1) pointed black tip 

Assembly and Garden Installation:

  1. The stem and tip are shipped already assembled.  Wait to install the basin until after the stem is placed in the soil. 
  2. Choose your installation location, preferably between the root ball and drip-line of your plant. Avoid driving directly into the root ball.
  3. Push stem into the garden soil at the desired location using both hands. If necessary, you may tap gently with a rubber mallet to reach the desired depth. 
  4. AFTER the stem has been firmly inserted into the soil to the desired depth, attach the flower basin by pushing firmly onto the stem. CAUTION: pressing downward on the decorative basin in order to force the stem into the soil can break the basin and may result in serious personal injury to the user.  
  5. Add water to the basin or wait for rain.  

Installation in Potted Plants

  1. The stem and tip are shipped already assembled. Wait to add the flower basin AFTER the stem is placed in the soil. 
  2. Before removing the red protective cap, insert the stem into the soil by grasping the sides of the stem with either one or two hands and pressing downward into the soil so that all of the holes are below the surface of the soil. 
  3. Potting soil is typically soft and hammering should not be necessary and is not recommended. If desired, you may tap with a rubber mallet, taking care not to drive the stem through the bottom of your pot.
  4. After the stem is in place, press the flower basin onto the stem. 
  5. Pour water into the basin when your plants need water. Water will disperse through the holes on 4 sides of the stem. 
  6. Potted plants often require more frequent watering than plants in your yard or garden. A cup water is adequate for small or medium size planters. Do not over water and provide adequate drainage. 

Additional Installation Tips: 

  1. The easiest way to insert the stem into the soil is by grabbing the stem on either side with two hands, then with a downward force, push the pointed end of the stem into the soil. 
  2. Keep pressing the stem into the soil until all of the holes are below the surface. Water will seep into the soil in all directions. 
  3. The taller stems have more holes and are typically inserted deeper into the soil.  
  4. If your soil is hard and dry, water thoroughly prior to insertion or till the soil to loosen it. You may also use a dowel rod, stake or other pointed object to drive a pilot hole into the ground prior to insertion. 
  5. Do not drive the Water Blossom stem directly into the root ball as it may damage the plant. 
  6. Place the stem several inches away from the nearest part of the root ball, within the canopy of the branches. 


 If you wish to relocate your Water Blossom® to support a different plant:

  1. Remove the flower basin by gripping the stem in one hand and the base of the flower in the other hand, and pull straight up.  If you have difficulty removing the basin, try twisting the stem while pulling up while gripping the base of the basin.
  2. Grasp the stem with both hands and pull it from the ground.
  3. If the soil will not release the stem, water thoroughly and repeat step two.
  4. Move the stem to the new location. (Remember to avoid utilities, rocks, etc.)
  5. Push the stem into the soil by hand, then reinstall the flower basin.
  6. If the soil is too firm to push by hand, you may tap with a rubber mallet to the desired depth. 
  7. If you are still having difficulty penetrating the ground, relocate it or create pilot hole in the ground by driving a stake or dowel rod first. 
  8. After the stem is situated in the desired location, reinstall the flower basin.  Do not press on the flower basin while pushing the stem into the ground. 


To clean, remove the flower basin by grasping it at the base and pulling straight up. Then wash with warm, soapy water. 

If the stem should be come obstructed:

  • Remove the flower basin and then pull from the ground (see above)
  • Pull pointed tip out using a pair of pliers
  • Run water through the stem to clear the obstruction
  • Reinsert the tip and then press it against a hard surface until it is properly seated
  • If you should need a replacement tip, please contact us


Water Blossom® is not a toy.  The bottom end of the stem is pointy and can cause serious injury or death if not handled properly. 

  • Avoid all underground utilities including electric, gas, cable, water and sewer lines. Call your local utility location company to determine where the utilities are located in the area where you wish to locate your Water Blossom.
  • While handling or carrying your Water Blossom, always carry the stem with the point facing downward and away from the body, and the other end of the stem away from the body.
  • Never run with the stem. 
  • Never throw the stem or flower basin.
  • Water Blossom is not a smoking device. 
  • Do not pour anything other than water or liquid plant nutrients into your Water Blossom basin. 
  • If using liquid fertilizer in your water, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and mixing of the solution.
  • Water Blossom is not for use by children. Proper parental supervision is required. 
  • Remove Water Blossom from the garden if expecting winds in excess of 40 mph to protect the blossom head.  Water Blossom LLC is not responsible for any storm damage to or from the Water Blossom.
  • Do not crush the flower head. It is made from a hard injection molded polymer but can break if subjected to excessive force. 


Our website, logo, visuals, and product designs are the exclusive property of Water Blossom Creations, LLC, and are protected by copyright laws.  Our utility and design patents are pending for the Water Blossom® root watering device.   “Water Blossom” is a registered trademark of Water Blossom Creations, LLC.  Nothing in the Terms and Conditions grants you a right or license to use any trademark, design right, patent or copyright owned or controlled by Water Blossom Creations, LLC, or any other third party except as expressly provided in the Terms and Conditions.

Water Blossom is great for your garden, house plants or patio containers.

How to Use Water Blossom®

Water Blossom is easy to use effectively. Follow our simple guidelines below to achieve desired results.  See also our Testimonials page for customer feedback and scientific research supporting our design. 

36 inch Jazmine in Violet

Garden Decor Gifts & Decorative Watering Tools:  About Water Blossom Creations, LLC 

As an avid gardener I was tired of watering our gardens for hours only to find that the water failed to penetrate below the hard surface layer of the soil, especially in hot summer weather.  Water Blossom Creations decorative root watering device for gardens or containers solves that problem and helps more water reach the roots. My enterprising husband ran with the idea and together we took it from concept to reality.

Now we have a beautiful and efficient way to get more water to the roots of our plants. Water Blossom® can be used indoors or outdoors and also makes great garden decor gifts. We have started with two designs in multiple colors, but more styles and colors will soon follow. We hope you admire and enjoy your Water Blossoms as much as we do. Water Blossom is an excellent gift for gardeners and will add a splash of happiness to every garden.   

Pamela Riffe


  • Adds eye-catching, year-round color to any garden or patio container
  • Channels water below the soil surface to promote deeper, wider root systems 
  • Avoids loss of water through run-off and evaporation
  • Great for helping new shrubs get established and thrive
  • Water Blossom flowers won't whither or die
  • Unique garden decor gifts!  For potted plants and containers, too!
  • Can aid in delivery liquid plant food or fertilizers to the roots
  • Earth-friendly and green—It uses rain water provided by Mother Nature
  • Added Bonus: Certain colors such as blue and yellow are attractive to bees